New Song Release

could I just be losing my mind?

Voices always chime in saying it could be worse,

but what’s worse than aborting a former plan of life? 

When I hopped into this spaceship the pilot was so wasted, 

he wasn’t able to get me to my destination on time. 

Trees moved in awkward motions, caused a commotion, 

while I was left wide open with my intestines hanging out. 

I sat recalling all the detrimental, 

existential notions that were harmful to my mentality of staying alive. 

Handicapped by handcuffs, snow fell like dandruff, 

someone’s in the background yelling “put your damn hands up!” 

As I look in stereophonic vision I discover I was around no others and I must be going blind. 

Or could I just be losing my mind? 

I excavated perforated edges that dissipated with time. 

When I infiltrated the top-secret outer boundaries, 

the guards found me and they sentenced me to death. 

Before the juggernaut raised his axe blade the man asked me if I’d repent before my last breath. 

I sat content with a dirty smirk that made this man’s nerves jerk and I proceeded to asking him what exactly he had meant? 

Now he replied open-eyed confused because it wasn’t that confusing of a question. 

Soon he realised where his faith lies and at the same time he looked to the sky and he slowly put down his weapon. 

He started asking me for forgiveness. 

He said “G-d, I can’t live with this murder and vengeance no more!”

I put my hands on his shoulder, made him turnover, grabbed the axe, removed his head and watched his blood seep into the reservoir. 

What a typical ending for a man pretending to know G-d when he has no idea if he even exists.

Oh the years that have been wasted by people vacating life to get a trip to paradise from a man bleeding from his wrists.

Jason Specter – Guitar & Lead Vocals

Erik Rutzik – Drums & Lead Vocals

Alon Rosenfeld – Bass & Back Vocals

Recoded Live & Mixed @ Kaboom Records by Ziv Wolfson